About Us

BBMI was founded in 1976 by Phil Bolfing, who had the business model, and his brother Pat, who had the product knowledge. At the time, cultured marble was being used in nearly every new home across the Greater Houston area. As business grew, Phil and Pat hired help in both the shop (originally located near Northwest Mall) and in the field to keep up with new home sales. By 1978 BBMI had outgrown their first home and 5 acres of land was purchased at its present location on Telge. With the addition of the new manufacturing facility, Phil decided he wanted to continue the business alone and bought out his brother's portion so Pat could pursue other endeavors. Much of the 80's were spent working for builders such as Village Builders and Kickerillo Homes in areas of Nottingham Country, Kingwood and The Woodlands. More than a few of our current accounts stem from relationships that were started with a handshake in those homes more than 30 years prior.

Phil's son, Tony, started working in and around the shop in the mid 90’s doing everything from cleaning the restrooms and vehicle maintenance, to pouring marble and StarStone, and after getting his driver’s license he was an installers helper every summer during high school. After dabbling in the restaurant business in College Station, he moved back to Cypress in 2004 to start his full time career at BBMI managing installation crews, picking up materials and helping Jesus with the measuring and templates. In January of 2014, he had the honor of taking over the day to day responsibilities from Phil. Nowadays, you can find Tony hard at work plowing through mounds of paperwork, although his hours seem to change slightly during hunting season. While hunting is his passion and lifestyle, he can’t get enough family time with his wife, Kate, and three wonderful boys, Davis, Dylan and Dalton.

Tony Bolfing & Family Phil & Rose Anne Bolfing

In any business, especially in a small family owned and operated one like ours, it is rare to find an employee who handles their work and their responsibilities as if they were born a part of the family...thankfully, we have more than a few!! Meet Our Staff