Meet Our Staff

  • Jesus Arregoytia
    Jesus Arregoytia - Installation Foreman

    Jesus is the epitome of a Yes Man! No matter how many jobs he has to measure or how many jobs we have to schedule, he is always more than willing to take on another one. Jesus also started in 1987 as an installer at BBMI and was promoted to foreman after he demonstrated exemplary workmanship day after day, year after year. Jesus is who you will see after scheduling a measure appointment and yes, he is always smiling! Constantly checking on crews and meeting with superintendents, he puts more miles on his truck in a week than most people drive in a year. When he is not taking on more than his fair share of work, he can found spending time with his daughter in New York or perhaps lost in the deserts of Mexico with his brother while hog hunting.

  • Seeton Pollock
    Seeton Pollock - Sales Manager

    Seeton has a long history in the natural stone business and came to us in 2005 from a competitor. Seeton's overall business sense and his knowledge of stone were huge assets from the day he started. Similar to Phil, he focuses his accounts on relationships, which often take time to grow and nurture. When he is not growing his sales, you can find him and the rest of his troops at a wooded campsite somewhere with no cell service enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Kate Bolfing
    Kate Bolfing - Accounting

    Kate came to BBMI in 2005 before she and Tony were officially engaged. While Tracy was admittedly a little nervous to hire ‘the girlfriend’, it was very clear from Kate’s first day that she and her business degree from Texas A&M were meant to take over the accounting desk. With three little boys at home (4 counting Tony!), she stays busy with multiple full time jobs, all while being Tony’s anchor and rudder, keeping him in line both at home and in the office.

  • Lacey Baker
    Lacey Baker - Customer Service

    Lacey is the newest member of the family, coming from a customer service related company and has taken to her job like a fish to water. When she is not typing bids or helping clients and customers, she can be found with her husband, Rich, and son, Braxton, on the beach in Galveston or perhaps rescuing and caring for an abandoned animal.

  • Jennifer Nail
    Jennifer Nail - Customer Service and Website Coordinator

    Jenn was hired for a customer service position and quickly picked up on each of our in house computer programs, implementing new systems of checks and balances to help the flow of paperwork around the office. After training three of her own replacements and working part time as our 'resident permanent temp', she has moved into estimating new residential and commercial plans as well as keeping up with our vast slab inventory. Jennifer also manages our website by changing daily or weekly messages and keeping the content pictures current. When she is not wearing one of her many hats here at the office, Jenn can be found at home with her husband, Bill, and two kids, Lea and Arlis.

  • Hillario Maldonado
    Hilario Maldonado - Fabrication Shop Foreman

    'H' is another transfer type who came from a competitor in 2007. His hands on experience with natural and engineered stones is second to none. He is very patient and thorough during the layout process and helps guide homeowners and designers towards a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom. When he is not working with each of our fabricators or laying out stone, he enjoys spending time with his family including his wife and college age son and daughter, Jonathon and Sabrina.

  • Todd Baynard
    Todd Baynard - CNC Operator

    Aside from being our resident bird watcher, specifically birds of prey, Todd is our CNC operator who came to us from a fabricator in Florida in 2006. Trained by Park Industries in Minnesota, Todd works with our twin CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machines, Penny and Patty, affectionately named for their similar, yet very different personalities. If your kitchen or bathroom countertops involve curves or angles, or you choose an intricate edge profile, you can bet Todd and his girls worked hard to make them perfect. When he is not pushing their buttons, he can be found keeping up his impeccable physique by doing pull-ups from our A-frames in the back of the shop.

  • Miguel Villanueva
    Miguel Villanueva - Lead Installer

    Miguel V was a timid installer's helper in 1994 who seemed to go through an amazing transformation when his installer moved to another company. Miguel is the kind of employee that employers wish they could clone. He is an extremely diligent, hardworking and talented natural stone installer. When he is not wowing customers with his skill, he can be found cheering on Mexico's national soccer team.

  • Victor Mendez
    Victor Mendez - Installer
  • Lalo Torres
    Lalo Torres - Installer